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SitSac increases child safety by its availability

Booster cushions or child seats shall be used until the age of 10-12 years. SitSac makes them easy to bring along.


For the safety belt to function properly, a child seat or booster cushion is recommended for children from about 4 to 10-12 years old. However, when travelling in buses, taxis, or in vehicles other than the family car, booster cushions are often lacking because they are unpractical to bring along.


SitSac integrates a booster cushion with a backpack, which makes the cushion more available. With SitSac, children can easily carry their own booster cushion, to make travelling safer and parents can feel secure.


SitSac is an excellent travelcompanion. On aircraft you can bring it with you as handluggage and on arrival you are all set to continue your journey in taxi, bus or rental car.


SitSac is also suitable for all other occasions when a child seating needs to be raised such as in cinemas, in restaurants, on trains etc.


For more information, see webshop. 

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SitSac was a finalist in the Kind&Jugend

Award 2007.